Sakaw Gardens is about growing more than food. It's about growing people, growing families and growing a community.  We will provide education for a healthy lifestyle using gardening as a central theme.

Vegetable Garden

Now is the time to save a raised or ground plot starting at $30/year. Check out the gardener contract, costs and the garden  membership information


We need you to be a part of designing the logo for the new community garden & orchard. 

Home Gardening

Our sponsors will be recognized for their donation in supporting this community garden project.   Individual donation opportunities welcomed.


To teach new gardeners the basics of getting started, and to give those more experienced  some fresh ideas of how to pump-up garden production.

Sakaw Gardens-Mar 27.jpg

The Sakaw Gardens project started in September 2020 and we now have a design with anticipated build for 2021.   Check out all the details!!