Our vision for Sakaw Gardens is a simple one: where people of all ages and backgrounds come together in the experience of growing food. 

Sakaw Gardens is about growing more than food. It's about growing people, growing families and growing a community.  We will provide education for a healthy lifestyle using gardening as a central theme.

This project began with a  member of our community approaching the Millhurst Community League with a desire to have a community garden. The board members supported this idea and accepted Myrna Peters in September 2020 as the Community Garden Coordinator.  Seventeen people came forward with interest to be part of a community garden.  A virtual meeting was held with Sustainable Gardens and CoE Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator Jay Row on October 26, 2020 and on November 5, 2020 a meeting was held (in person and virtually) with a commitment from 12 individuals taking on a position on the Sakaw Gardens Committee. 

With a full board we are ready to proceed with the proposed location behind the Sakaw rink shack. This decision is base on our 2015 needs assessment that first asked if the community wanted the rinks maintained and then what else they would like to see at the Sakaw site.  Sixty percent of the community surveyed wanted the rinks maintained and you can see from the graph below 31% were highly interested in gardens and 28% in basketball courts. It was not possible to use the leased land for an ice rink and a garden, so it was decided to put in a basketball court on the south and east side of our skate shack.   For three years Millhurst Community League installed and maintained a snow banked rink along with staffing the rink shack.  Unfortunately, after three years of low attendance and gradually cutting back the times the shack was open, the decision was made in 2019 to only have one rink location in the Millhurst community, which is beside Meyokumin School.

Phase one (strategy) has been submitted to the city and now we NEED YOU to help us get into the design phase by completing a short survey.

February 2021 Update: committee voted and approved to make the raised garden beds using corrugated roof panels and fir posts.

UPDATE!! Over the last couple months Myrna Peters (Garden Director) has been working with the Sakaw Gardens Committee to develop a garden design to include a garden and orchard with walking path.  This will take many years to accomplish and will broken into phases.  Ideally we will have the garden started sometime in 2021. Any thoughts or ideas can be submitted here 

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