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Join Us!

Join us at Millurst Community League, where every member is a cornerstone of our shared narrative. Step into a space where connections flourish, friendships bloom, and diverse interests converge. Engage in activities that reflect your passions, whether it's sports, cultural events, or community initiatives. Together, we craft moments that transcend boundaries, creating an inclusive haven that celebrates individuality while fostering unity. Embrace a community that values your voice and contributions, enriching the essence of neighbourhood living. 

Explore below how you can join us!

Youth Recreation Program Coordinator
OPEN Summer Job Position

Check out the key responsibilities and qualifications below and join us in fostering growth, learning, and fun for our youth! 

Volunteer With Us!

Families that volunteer together help others, give back to their community and have fun at the same time. Share your family values and aspirations through volunteer opportunities. You can also learn new skills, gain work experience, and build your resume through volunteering, while meeting new people. Volunteering can be both rewarding and fun!!

Socials & Program Commitee

Behind every memorable gathering and cherished event lies the dedication of the Socials and Program Committee. We're the architects of connection, crafting experiences that bridge hearts and create lifelong memories. Join our vibrant team as we curate engaging programs, ignite conversations, and celebrate the tapestry of our community's diversity. Together, let's build meaningful moments that resonate within our neighborhood, shaping a welcoming space where everyone feels at home. 🤝 

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