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Originally envisioned as an ice rink, the Sakaw Rink project pivoted into an amazing set of basketball courts. This adaptable space in Millhurst has evolved to meet the community's diverse recreational needs, offering a vibrant hub for sports and gatherings.

Read more about the original Sakaw Rink Project idea below!

Sakaw Rink Project

This project began with a needs assessment survey completed in April 2015.  A committee was formed to make plans according to the needs assessment with a project request form submitted to the city in August 2015, which was approved to move forward with this redevelopment project into the concept phase.  We presented our first concept plan to our community in September 2015 and then from there the process has been slow.  Debates on surface, designs, and the scope of the plan were impacted by the quotes on surfaces, along with a variety of different ideas.  Due to an overwhelming concern with the ice on an asphalt or concrete surface along with some additional ideas for future growth, the rink development committee has decide on a new concept plan (phase 1) to present to our community as detailed below.   The biggest challenge is we wanted something impactful and all put together to have this “wow” factor for our Millhurst community, but in reality we need to make sure we do this right and will therefore break it into smaller portions with intent to expand later.


SAKAW RINK AREA – Based on the needs assessment survey, the community would like to see an ice rink.  The plan will be to have a snow banked ice rink at the Sakaw site with a boarded rink for hockey at the Meyokumin site.  This rink will be set up where the current fence is now.


  1. Removal of all existing chain link fence north of the Sakaw skate  building.

  2. Construction of a new L shaped asphalt pad for sports and kids games, including 6 basketball nets with two lowered for the younger kids. An additional badminton/tennis nets could be added to use as a badminton/tennis court when needed.   

  3. Construction of a new concrete sidewalk and pad around the existing Sakaw Skate building.

  4. Installation of a new perennial flower bed between the new cement pad and asphalt pad along the south side of the building.

  5. Installation of 4 picnic tables and 2 benches for seating.


What will phase 2 & 3 look like?  That will depend on the community but original talks have brought out the following ideas.

  1. Complete trail from Husky to Sakaw, which was mentioned numerous times during the initial survey. 

  2. Create a beautiful space for seniors and families to hang out. 

  3. Picnic tables, a gazebo, fire pit and camp stove picnic area.

  4. Plant trees to give more shade and a park like setting.

  5. Community garden.

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