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As part of the Sakaw Rink Redevelopment Plan, Millhurst Community League plans to have a mural painted on the Sakaw Rink Skate Shack.

Please go to this link to give your opinion on these mural ideas.

Faces of our community – a mural showcasing the diverse multicultural community throughout Meyokumin and Sakaw neighborhoods featuring faces of different cultural backgrounds and children playing

Going back to our roots – In Cree, Sakaw means “wooded area” and Meyokumin mean “good water” – using these meanings to showcase our natural area as well as the aboriginal background on which our neighborhood sits.

Edmonton Landmarks – using well known landmarks throughout Edmonton (for example City Hall, Muttart Conservatory, West Edmonton Mall)  to create a mural showcasing highlights in our City.

Alberta Landmarks – a mural showcasing the natural beauty of Alberta including the Rocky Mountains, prairies, and lakes throughout the province.

City of Champions – a mural featuring police, firefighters, paramedics, every day heroes, Edmonton Oilers and Eskimos.

Purpose Driven - a mural featuring what the area is used for.  Skating, basketball, volleyball, kids playing, families gathering.

Abstract Art – using beautiful colors, shapes and designs to create a meaningful piece of art for the community

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