This fun and educational 1/2 day summer camp will have children ages 7+ learn engineering, robotics and science theory in a safe and friendly environment. Students will start the day with introductions of electrical and mechanical engineering theory and concepts and then build robots using RoboThink's unique robotic kits. An instructor will be onsite to guide students throughout the process and teach students how to use various components and parts including three-pin wires, motors, remote controls, mainboard, IR sensors etc. to build robots. Each day, will have students build different models of robots including animal robots, construction robots, flighting robots etc. Students will control the robots to complete certain tasks and are expected to improve creativity and problem-solving, detail orientation and team-work skills. It is fun and educational.

Monday August 16 - Friday August 20, 2021   from 8:30 a.m. – 12:0  p.m.  

COMPLETED - Watch for future camps & robotic programs.

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Making stuff is a brilliant life skill! The Maker movement has tapped into children's desire to create stuff, incorporating technology. Robotics for kids is booming. It's the modern equivalent of knitting circles and sheds at the bottom of the garden. Being able to make things that solve a real world problem, entertain people or just for the joy of making them is a fantastic skill to have. Having robotics as a skill that can be put to useful and creative purposes is fantastic.