Making stuff is a brilliant life skill! The Maker movement has tapped into children's desire to create stuff, incorporating technology. Robotics for kids is booming. It's the modern equivalent of knitting circles and sheds at the bottom of the garden. Being able to make things that solve a real world problem, entertain people or just for the joy of making them is a fantastic skill to have. Having robotics as a skill that can be put to useful and creative purposes is fantastic.  Ages 5-14.  Tuesday July 28th 12:00 - 1:30 pm.  Students and instructors will be asked to wear a mask at all times as it may be difficult to maintain the 6 feet physical distancing requirements.

Robotics Workshop with Membership

  • Under current Chief Medical Officer of Health Orders, Millhurst will;

    • implement practices to minimize the risk of transmission of infection among attendees

    • provide procedures for rapid response if an attendee develops symptoms of illness

    • ensure that attendees maintain high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene 

    • comply, to the extent possible, with the COVID-19 General Relaunch Guidance

    • have limited registrations according to allowable space to maintain 2 meter physical distancing 

    • requst the use of masks when it will be difficult to maintain 2 meter physical distancing

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