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Tuesday  May 14th, 2024  at 7:00pm at Millhurst Community Hall (5811 - 19A Avenue)


Make the best of a limited amount of space, by planting vegetables that ‘like’ each other in close proximity. Also, some vegetables can be planted later in the season when other’s are finished. 

An introductory mini series on growing a GREEN most of us don’t know much about in our area.  If you’ve been around the garden for the last few years, you have probably noticed a whole lotta AMARANTH growing in Fidelis’ plot.   The leafy greens of Amaranth are a highly nutritious vegetable similar to spinach in taste, and used the same way as many other leafy vegetables, including in mixed-green salads. This hardy vegetable, well suited to our climate, is one we all should know more about.  

For 15 minutes at the beginning of every workshop, Fidelis will walk us through an entire growing season from early spring planting to final harvest and everything in between. 

Companion Planting

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