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Tuesday  March 24th, 2024  at 7:00pm at Millhurst Community Hall (5811 - 19A Avenue)


Natural disasters are rarely ‘convenient’.   In the event of an emergency, you and your household must be prepared to be self-sufficient  for a minimum of 72 hours without power, running water, or the ability to purchase anything. You cannot expect anyone to be responsible for your safety and comfort if you have ignored your own obligation for those very important things.  Every government website: federal, provincial and local, stresses the importance of citizens being self sufficient for at LEAST 72 hours without power or running water. Whether you shelter in place or have to evacuate, you will need basic supplies for every member of your household in an emergency.Essential items like food, water and medication in one kit, easy to locate when the power is out and easy to grab and go in case you have to leave your home quickly. The unprecedented evacuations of 2023 should be enough to wake us up to this important area of emergency preparedness. Learn what to pack, how best to pack, best containers to use, how often to update them, and why you should . . .  

72 Hour Kits

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