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Copy of christmas lights - Made with Pos


We are in some challenging times and need to find ways to brighten up each others days & therefore we look forward to seeing Millhurst light up!


Join the Meyokumin & Sakaw Facebook  page and share a photo or photos of your Christmas light displays. 

You are welcome to share your address, because lights really do look best in real life and what better way to get out for a walk in our neighbourhood.

4 - $50 Canadian Tire Gift Cards to be Won

Members on the Millhurst Community League Board will choose two house that they feel are the best decorated and then there will be a draw including all the submitted pictures.  Draw to take place on Sunday December 20th.  

If you do not have access to Facebook, you can share your photos to


You must live in Meyokumin or Sakaw to win!

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