May 27th & 28th



All classes offered can be painted during these class times. For example if the class says it’s a 9 hour class you can come in on the Friday during the day for 6 hours then three the Friday night or Saturday. Cindy offers complete flexibility.


Projects include use of medium (paint or coloured pencils).  You will need to supply the surface and brushes unless otherwise noted.  You can also choose to rent brushes from Cindy for $5 (3 hour class) & $10 (7+ hour class).  Once registered Cindy will send you an e-mail with supplies required and to confirm the times you would like to paint.

Friday May 27th from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday May 27th from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday  May 28th from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

 3 HOUR CLASSES for $45.  

English Robin.png

English Robin with Watercolour Join us to learn some fun & easy watercolour techniques. 

Funkie Bird on Tin.png

Funky Bird on Cookie Tin with Acrylics Bring a 7x9 gallery canvas and scrapbooking paper of your choice.  

Single Flower.png

Single Flowers with Acrylics Such a fun piece! Great to whip up for a gift. Use any scrapbook paper to change the look of this painting.  Bring an 8x16 canvas. 

$45 classes for 3 hours.  


Autumn Barn.png

Autumn Barn with Coloured Pencils for $85.00 Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is Cindy loves an autumn Scene! If you have never tried coloured pencils come give this one a try…so much fun!!

Cintangle Bouquet.png

Cintangle Bouquet with Ink and Coloured Pencils  for $85.00 Come learn Cindy's coloured pencil techniques.  Great for all level artists including the beginner.

Bring an 11x14 smooth Bristol 

Vino Arcrylics.png

Vino with Acrylics for $95.00

What a great gift for that friend you enjoy a glass of wine with from time to time…or keep for yourself! Use acrylics, paper and mediums to create this charming painting.

Ol Fashioned Portrait Bunny or Kitty.png

Ol Fashioned Portrait Bunny or Kitty – Acrylics for $95.00 This project requires a lot of over stroking, slip slapping and dry brushing to get a lot of texture and interest. Bring an 11x14 canvas 


Blush Dragon.png

Blush Dragon – Watercolour Batik for $108.00 (9hours) This tattoo style painting softened up with the pastel pallet combined with the fun Batik style.  Come give it a try. 

A Quiet Place.png

Quiet Place in The Garden with acrylics for $108.00 (9hours) Cindy has been waiting to share and teach this class as it is so different and fun to paint. 

Threes a Crowd.png

Threes a Crowd – Acrylics and Oils for ($165.00) This piece is lots of fun and an easy-going style of painting. Class fee includes oil paint. Bring 16x24 canvas & crackle

Parked Oil over Acrylics.png

Parked with Oil over Acrylics for $165.00 (12hours) This technique is fun and easy going and great for all level artists! It is a large piece but can be painted smaller. Includes oil paint fee.

Bring a 24x36 canvas. 



1. Register on line and make payment with credit card or Pay Pal.  Full payment is required for all classes. If you need to make alternate arrangements please contact

2.  After registration, Cindy will be in touch to confirm class time, share supply list, preparation and surface details. 


3.  Additional supply costs and preparation fees will be paid directly to Cindy.


Contact Cindy at 403-968-3751 or for information on the classes or supplies.